Better Hardware For Hanging Whiteboards

When hanging relatively heavy items on your office or home walls, or when you’re going to be tugging or pushing on them a lot after installation, it makes sense to use relatively heavy-duty hanging hardware. Whiteboards are a perfect example of this.

We can all agree that we want our installed whiteboards to STAY, right where we installed them, until we decide to take them down. Even the best whiteboard brands, such as Quartet, still often include what may be inadequate hardware for securing the whiteboards to your walls.

Good hardware for hanging whiteboards

The photo shows two types of hanging hardware. On the right is the hammer-in wall insert type hardware that often comes with new whiteboards. The problem with this type of hardware is that, over time, all the pushing and rubbing on the whiteboard can loosen this hardware in the wall, creating a situation where the whiteboard can come partially or completely off the wall. Not good!

The hardware on the left, which is the E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock brand drywall anchor, grips the wall much more securely, and goes a lot farther toward preventing the whiteboard from ever coming loose or falling. We always replace the hammer-in hardware with at least this screw-in kind whenever it’s not provided with the whiteboard, for all the whiteboards we install. Here’s an example from a whiteboard installation we handled for Cvent in Tower Place in Buckhead.