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Whiteboard Installation Over Acoustic Panels – Cvent

Atlanta GA

Type of Project

Corporate, Whiteboards

Category of Project


Service Performed

  • Installation Over Acoustic Panels In Conference Rooms


Unique installation requiring increasing beyond usual distance of whiteboard from wall

Project Description

Cvent had a great challenge for us: installation of several large glass whiteboards on standoffs (the stainless steel or brass posts which normally create space between the walls and the whiteboards) in their conference rooms, with the added twist that they needed to be installed over the acoustic panels which cover their conference room walls.

The solution was to extend the reach of the standoffs, by adding pedestals the same depth as the acoustic panels on which to mount the standoffs, and removing the acoustic material just where the pedestals are placed. In our design for this system, the role of the hidden “pedestals” is played by pipe fittings.

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