Best Way To Hang My Heavy Mirror

This is one of the most frequent questions we hear: What is the best way to hang my heavy mirror? So in the next few posts, we’re going to dive deep into this topic.

Unfortunately, it’s not always simple question with a simple answer. In fact, there are lots of smaller questions that need to be answered first:

What do we mean by “heavy”?

How is the mirror made?

What kind of hardware is on the mirror already?

What kind of wall surface will it hang on?

And so on. The best way to hang your mirror will depend on all of these factors and more. And the method you use to hang those monsters is SUPER important, since improperly installed mirrors can be dangerous, and likely very expensive as well.

We’re going to give you some great recommendations for how to hang YOUR precious mirrors safely. We’ve hung thousands of mirrors, of all makes and sizes, on all kinds of walls, over our 25 years in business. So we have the expertise to do it right, and to pass on to you, so stay tuned! And of course, if you like we’ll be glad to handle your mirror installation project ourselves. Just give Pictures Plus Incorporated a call, 678-468-0506, or fill out the project request form on the website, (click this link).