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Reframe And Enlarge Board Of Directors Display

The Home Depot World Headquarters

Type of Project

Corporate, Display Walls

Category of Project

Custom Framing

Service Performed

Expanded Board Of Directors Display From 3 Rows To 4 Rows


Source all materials to match existing display materials, night work on-site

Project Description

When The Home Depot’s World Headquarters’ framed display of the members of their Board Of Directors was becoming full, their staff concluded they needed to add another row of smaller framed headshots to the display, expanding it from 3 rows to 4 rows.

There were several unique stipulations and challenges in this project:

  • All on-site work was required to be done late at night, when no executive staff was there
  • All of the same materials used originally needed to be used again for the expansion
  • The Home Depot had lost the information for who had done the original framing, meaning first that they couldn’t simply have the original framers do this work, and second that we had to source all of the materials again from scratch

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