Never Let the Sun Touch Your Art

I remember reading a saying once: “Begin as you mean to end.”  As it happened, it was in a novel about Roman centurions.  Which just goes to show you, it doesn’t have to be your idea to be a good idea, and you never know where those good ideas will come from.

It’s my intention that this blog should always be both informative and useful.  So I’m going to start right off, giving you some information you can start using right now, today.  Which is this:

If you value your artwork, never let the sun touch it.

That’s it.  Hang your artwork where the sun’s rays can’t touch it, at any point in the day.  And protect it with conservation glass when appropriate, also known as UV (ultraviolet radiation) screening glass, or simply UV glass.

Even indirect light—that is, light reflecting off of every surface, including the colors you see and the wavelengths of light you can’t see—can cause progressive, irreparable damage to your artwork.  So if it’s especially valuable, unique, delicate (think “watercolors”) or irreplaceable, you should definitely consider protecting your artwork with UV screening glass.

And keep it out of the sun.  Really.